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It all started when…

Meghan wears many hats in the fashion and artistic worlds. At age four, she fell in love with the fickle performing arts. After the curtain closed on her red sequined dance recital, Meghan started bawling because she didn’t want the show to end. For the next ten years, she chased ballet and breakdancing, only to realize her lack of flexibility and a quadruple pirouette would stunt her career. Meghan soon discovered theatre however when she performed as Liesl in her high school’s production of “The Sound of Music.” 


Meghan’s dreams of Broadway both blossomed and wilted while attending Boston College. Theatre intermingled with dance and poetry provided her a much needed escape from an alcoholic family, depression, and sexual assault at the hands of supposed friends. After an embarrassing cattle call audition for the New England Theatre Conference, she gave up on acting. Fortunately, at that same time her first play Chase 304 was produced, and playwriting percolated into Meghan’s number one passion. Upon graduating, she shipped off to the University of Glasgow in Scotland for an MFA. While living in Scotland, she single-handedly wrote, directed, choreographed, and produced an Edinburgh Fringe show called “Sleeping Soldiers,” which was a finalist for Amnesty International’s Freedom of Expression Award. 


After completing her MFA, Meghan moved to New York to be a playwright, which devolved into finding means to pay rent. She could never sit still, so a desk job was out of the question. Meghan began teaching performing arts to elementary schoolers, who had just as much energy as her! Thankfully her years of dance and acting came in handy, and she discerned that she enjoyed fostering children’s creativity and laughter as much as her own. At night, Meghan would write and produce for the American Renaissance Theater Company (ARTC) and other arts organizations. Despite long days, she successfully staged over seventeen of her plays in New York and abroad. Her playwriting endeavors led to dabbling in screenwriting, and she immediately became enraptured with this written form of expression too.


Meghan combines her love of writing and education wherever possible, with an emphasis on social justice. She was commissioned to write a rock musical about bullying for the Community School of the Arts in Arkansas, and she taught screenwriting and playwriting in China and Madagascar. In Manhattan, Meghan had eight original musicals produced for young people. Her latest show “Little Feet, Big Dreams” tells the fictional story of real-life female astronauts and scientists of color who reverse climate change together. Meghan also teaches commercial writing, screenwriting, and playwriting to her students.

Although teaching started as a survival job, Meghan is incredibly grateful for her students’ vivacity. They constantly refuel her imagination. Meghan often jokes that she could be a stand-up comedian for children. Perhaps one day Meghan will find enough room in her closet for that particularly ostentatious hat.